About Us

Money Links is an established and well-known provider of financial services for real estate and investment buyers.  Our fifteen year professional history has garnered the trust and repeat business of many clients, while our actual experience spans many more years. 

Money Links was founded in order to provide readily applicable solutions to buyers who found navigating the finance industry to be overly challenging and wrought with misinformation and potential financial peril.  Buyers consistently required multiple finance options that were easy to understand and most closely suited their individual requirements and needs. 

As a result of the intense growth in the financial services and mortgage broking industries over the last 5 years, buyers are becoming increasingly more aware of the valuable services that mortgage brokers offer.  This directly correlates to the numbers of competent brokers that have established themselves during this same time period. 

Due to the efforts made by Money Links and other such companies in the industry, buyers are now consistently seeking out the assistance of brokers to help them mitigate risks, provide accurate and relevant information, and implement practical finance solutions that unswervingly meet the individualised needs of consumers.  Not only does this alleviate the concern of finding the correct product for the right consumer, it also provides a means of reducing the stress and frustration of navigating a complex world that is unknown to most buyers. 

Money Links was established on the foundation of fundamental principles that are readily and permanently applied to each and every client; and to each and every transaction.  We believe that personal and professional Integrity is essential to establishing confidence, that the development of Trust is vital to effective communication, and that Honesty is the only path to success.  Practicing and broadcasting these core values throughout the finance industry can only be accomplished while maintaining humility, and Money Links is determined to retain its position as a leader in the principles we practice. 

We understand that in order to best serve the individual, we must always remember that we are individuals as well, and therefore must approach our clients while offering the priceless assurance that can only be gained while honouring the Golden Rule: we pledge to treat others the way we would wish to be treated.The presence and continuation of Money Links in the industry is strengthened by our membership in Plan Australia, MFAA, and Cosal. 

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