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Imagine everything you could do if you had more free time? If you could slash up to 90% off the usual time and cost it takes to find an investment property?

Because at Money Links we are committed to supporting you and your business we want to introduce you to an amazing suite of tool that simplify property investment.

ReiReal Estate Investar’s Find, Analyse and Track Membership is a must have for property investors that want to gain a competitive edge over other investors in the market place. It can save you up to 90% of your time by finding, analysing & tracking over 700,000 Australia & New Zealand investment properties in minutes. Bonus

This revolutionary suite of online tools includes unlimited access to Investar Search – a fast search engine that in seconds intelligently searches every property listing in Australia to match your investment strategy, similar to the way “Google” searches normal websites. With around 700,000 ‘instant hits’ no other property-specific search engine is as thorough.

The search engine coupled with the Analysis tools Property Analyser and online valuation tools My Valuer and My Research will give you a massive advantage over other buyers in the market and significantly increased your effectiveness purchasing real estate.

Real Estate Investar members are making the most of their advantage over other investors in the market by locating hundreds of discounted property and positive cash-flow deals every week with Investar Search – the property investors intelligent search engine.

Register for a free webinar (short online meeting) and watch live these tools in action and how you can find those needles in the haystack.

I know it all sounds quite complicated, but I can assure you, you will not need a degree in computer science to use Investar Search. It’s quite simple and easy to use.

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