Non Conforming Loans

Your business doesn’t fit into any scripted category.  Your personal financial situation is anything but traditional.  In today’s rapidly evolving economic world, radical changes cause dramatic responses in how we conduct business.  At Money Links, we understand that not every situation fits expected or even accepted patterns.  This is why we are experts in the business of non conforming loans.  With the right non conforming loan you can quickly set yourself on the path to Connecting Your Financial Future; regardless of how unusual or untraditional your financial needs are.

Non conforming loans are those that do not meet the normal lending guidelines of a financial institution or other lender.  There could be a number of reasons for this failure to meet certain lending criteria.  Sometimes this can be caused by poor credit or a lack of credit, unusual or difficult to value items offered for collateral, requesting loan amounts greater than the value of the property securing it, and sometimes unusual or untraditional uses for the requested loan funds.

Non conforming loans can be funded by various sources, and can be either A-paper or subprime in nature.  This allows lenders more flexibility in providing loan products to businesses and individuals.  However, because non conforming loans require special terms and conditions, they will usually have a more stringent application process requiring a greater amount of information and verification processes than a conforming loan would call for.  This is required to protect the buyer and to ensure that the non conforming loan provided is the most suitable loan possible for that businesses or individual.

Non conforming loans are actually quite easy to obtain and often offer better terms than traditional loans.  They can be used for a wide variety of projects both commercial and residential in nature.  Non conforming loans can be used to fund the development or purchase of bridges, gas stations, hospitals, office complexes, retail parks, and many other ventures.  Non conforming loans can also be used to purchase or manage real estate.  Whatever your needs are, you can be assured that at Money Links we have the resources and skills required to match you with a non conforming loan that meets your specific needs.

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