Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation can be for nearly everyone; regardless of financial situation.  At Money Links we believe that in many cases, debt consolidation is the most direct path to Connecting Your Financial Future.  Debt consolidation works with any two or more loans by combining them utilising a number of different methods.  Each method depends on the type, amount, terms, and status of the loans or other financial products to be included in the consolidation.

Loans that may be included in a debt consolidation vary greatly, but can include: credit cards, department store cards, student loans, equity lines, unsecured loans, automobile or recreational vehicle loans, business loans and other types of debts.  A debt consolidation can usually include these types of loans in any status, so whether you’re up to date or a little behind, a debt consolidation can help.

During the consolidation process you will be provided with the opportunity to lower payment amounts, decrease interest rates, stop or reduce fees and other charges, and have the ability to make only one payment per month instead of many.  For some people, this benefit is extremely important.  Many individuals have dozens of loans or financial products that require different monthly payment amounts, different dates that they are due and different terms and conditions on each loan type.  This can be exceptionally time consuming and difficult to manage.

A debt consolidation simplifies your financial matters by grouping all of these debts together, resulting in one monthly payment to pay-off all the debts at a fixed rate of interest.  With the reduced rates of a debt consolidation coupled with the amount of time saved, it’s easy to see that a debt consolidation is a valuable tool to save money and pay debts off more efficiently and quickly.  Additionally, debt consolidations can sometimes have a positive impact on a person’s overall credit standing, which can lead to further savings and benefits.

In order to determine if a debt consolidation is right for you, please contact  Money Links today.  We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have and discuss the many ways this great program could benefit you.

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