Mortgage Finance

Mortgages are the primary vehicle by which we fund the procurement and maintenance of our homes and places of business.  Because these are usually the largest investments of our lives, obtaining mortgage finance is a task that should not be undertaken lightly.  Here at Money Links, we are cognisant that the ever-evolving process of Connecting Your Financial Future is fundamentally linked to the methods used to secure investments in realty.  We do not see mortgage finance as a static industry that stoically grants loans; we see mortgage finance as part of the foundational building blocks of what a person accomplishes in a lifetime.

Money Links mortgage finance solutions were developed to capture the absolute best of what the market has to offer and put it to work for you.  You have a vision and you know precisely how to articulate it; but whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a real estate investment professional, you need an expert to put together the right financing for your particular needs.  By allowing Money Links to leverage its well-established position in the mortgage finance market, you can access funding types and terms that would be impossible to otherwise obtain.

Our mortgage finance solutions offer a vital combination of direct market experience and a great diversity of parallel market experience.  Money Links mortgage finance services can be used to fund the purchase of business or residential property, property or realty for rental income, retail or industrial parks, commercial property, housing developments, and agricultural properties.  Additionally, our mortgage finance services can be utilised to pay off and refinance existing mortgages, or to fund the development of current realty that you own.

Connecting Your Financial Future begins where you live and work.  Your ascent to success depends upon the security of the base from which you fly.  Don’t leave it to chance.  Leave it to us.

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